Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Denver Rodeo Pictures

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Chris and I went to the Denver Rodeo last Saturday and we had a blast, not only watching the events, but also playing with our new camera.

We have a really cool distant lens (which is good, because our seats were in the back row at the far end of the area), and a fast-shutter speed for sporting events like this.

We had so much fun, and then I got to have fun editing the pictures and making my first picture collages (thank you, Amy, for the help).

A glow-in-the-dark American Flag was carried out on horseback and then a bunch of horseman carrying American flags rode in a circle.  The pictures I got are cool... but you really can only sort of tell what the horsemen are doing:

Bucking Broncos and the men who try to stay on for 8 seconds...

Say it with me... MUTTIN BUSTIN!
In this crazy event, kiddos ages 4-7ish try to ride/hang-on-for-dear-life a big lamb for as long as they can.

Steer Ropin'!

 There was a dramatic show that this guy did with these two... animals... I don't even know what kind of animals these are.  They were HUGE and beautiful and he had them unbelievably trained!

Barrel Racin'

 Calf Ropin'


Very few sights hold the beauty of a running heard of horses

At the Stock Show following the Rodeo, I really did feel like the Pioneer Woman, taking pictures of cows...

So many ranchers spent SO much time grooming these beautiful cows

These are some cool stairs...

The Stock Show was like a State Fair with all the Fair Food... we tried the Fried Twinkies.

What a great time... and I seriously LOVE making picture collages!
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  1. It looks like you had a blast. I love all the collages you made. Isn't fun making them?!

    On another note, I still cannot get your blog updates to show up in my reader. Is there a way I can fix that? I am always missing your updates. Thanks.


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