Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday Part One

Chris planned a wonderful Friday for my birthday, yesterday...

Oh, first thing's first:
Have you entered my giveaway yet?
Please take the time to do that, now!

Yesterday was Friday, the 13th, and I LOVE Friday the 13ths!

My we left both animals with friends and came to Denver for a animal-less romantic weekend in the big city.  Chris has been keeping various parts of it secret... so I still don't know what is on the docket for today, but last night was WONDERFUL!

Lloyd on our way to the puppy-sitter
Lloyd is going to have a great weekend with "Butters"
Lloyd was already making himself at home before I left
After dropping off both animals (I took a picture when we dropped Lexie off, but it didn't save on my phone :-(), we went to an AMAZING restaurant in downtown Denver, The Broker.  Enjoy images from the great birthday surprises... Part One:

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