Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Morning Memories 2011

This Christmas was amazing!

Michigan Christmas Tree
Lloyd isn't allowed in part of the house -- but he and Chris peek through the doors to hear me play the harp
Christmas dishes on a beautiful table
We gave Mom these dishes last year!
Lloyd loves to remove stuffing from his stuffed animals
What a cute puppy
A gaggle of turkeys came into the yard the day we ate a turkey
Big Light Display
Here I'm trying to get an auto picture of Lexie and Lloyd by the tree... it was tough
Gammie and Papa with Lexie and Lloyd
Christmas morning!
Our little family
My dad with Lloyd
Chris with a VANDY shirt -- he's now ready for the Vandy bowl game!
Lloyd unwrapping his present
Mom and Dad gave us Omaha Steaks -- "To take the place of the elk that got away!" :-D
Wedding pictures for Christmas
Martini Glasses!  Thanks, Santa!
We learned that Lloyd loves wrapping paper!

"A New PHONE!  I mean, a new CAMERA!"
Is there anything more exciting than wrapping paper?
A wedding album!
I made Mom and Dad a wedding album using Shutterfly
A belt sander!
A gift from my hubby!
Our new camera takes awesome pictures!
I love this picture!

I can't imagine a more perfect Christmas!

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  1. What a fun Christmas it looks like y'all had!


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