Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lloyd's First Sleepover...

Our little Lloyd had his first slumber party last night!

These guys are so cute!
 We puppy-sat for friends of ours who have a three-year-old lab mix named Butters.  Lloyd and Butters are so different, but they love to play and wrestle and tire each other out.

Lloyd was so tiny next to Butters the first time they played --
our little boy is growing up
We are aware every day that Lloyd is still a puppy -- and now a growing, adolescent puppy... but watching him with mellow, mature, obedient Butters makes Lloyd look like a toddler.  In puppy-training, one step at a time, and be grateful.

Poor Lexie isn't even used to her little brother in the house, and now we brought another dog in for the weekend.  She watched the dogs from a perk above our kitchen cabinets for awhile.
At least I feel safe up here
I'm not getting down any time soon
How many more of these species will I have to deal with?
Then, she and Butters kept checking each other out... it was actually adorable how they just kept respectfully staring at each other...

"You are not the black dog I am used to."
It was like watching a staring contest
"Just don't mess with me and we'll be okay"

After all the playtime, Chris and I clamored into our queen-sized bed with our two big black dogs to try to get some sleep.

No snoring, guys
This place is going to the dogs...

Better not to ask.  :-D

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  1. Love the pictures!!! Lloyd looks like "See my new friend" and Lexie is saying "Where are Grammy and Papa when I need them":) Love Momma

  2. cute!!! Wanted to let you know that your blog just started updating in my dashboard! :) It didn't ever update me that you'd posted when you changed your url, but all of a sudden this morning it started! Maybe it just took google forever and a day to change things over. Thought you would like to know! :)


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