Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Simple Joys with my Hubby

This past weekend, Chris and I were inseparable -- it was wonderful!

We love being inseparable, and most vacations and summers, we try to be... but during the school year and especially the months of February to April, we have A LOT going on and time together is less frequent.

This weekend, we had a wonderful time being inseparable!

I love the simple joys with my husband --
  • washing two big dogs in our bathtub
  • playing games with friends and strangers at a Game Night
  • curling up in bed watching "Notting Hill" and Chris laughing at all the parts that makes me cry
  • working out at the gym together (twice)
  • commiserating with our sore muscles together
  • trying a new church in our area
  • hearing a great message and singing praise to the Lord together
  • sleeping in
Life is so wonderful as long as its with my hubby!

I love the exciting and unique parts -- like the airline tickets we just booked to Mexico in November (YAY!) -- but I also love the simple and ordinary parts.  Life is so much better being Chris' wife than it ever was before!

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  1. awww I love this!! Being married is definitely the best! When we were first married we had some couples tell us that the first year is the hardest and blah blah blah. We always thought that was so dumb and John looked at me once and said, "what's hard about it? It's like a continuous sleepover party with your best friend!" haha And it doesn't stop once children come along because they go to bed early and then you still have all your fun with your husband! :) So happy for you!!


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