Thursday, October 31, 2013

We're Not Halloween People

My husband and I are not Halloween people... we definitely are holiday people -- but Halloween is just not our thing.  We have never dressed up in costumes together, and we've never attended a Halloween party in our time together.  We each participated in the usual high school and college Halloween fun, but, in our life together we really don't have the need or desire for Halloween celebrations and neither one of us feels like we are missing anything.

Depending on how crazy the week has been, some years, we don't even pass out candy -- we turn out the lights, and go to sleep!  (Don't tell the neighborhood kids -- we don't want our house egged.)

All of that being said, I received a few text messages this past week that made me REALLY excited for Next Halloween.

This is our adorable niece, Zivah, all ready for Halloween.  Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?

  She is the cutest thing I've ever seen -- which made me realize that a year from now, I will be dressing up my own little Halloween Cutie... and that made me REALLY excited, and more of a fan of Halloween than I've ever been!  We may even be borrowing this Tigger costume next year.

Hang tight, Zivah... your little cousin in on his/her way!  :-D

Happy Halloween!

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