Friday, November 1, 2013

October Highlights

October was such a great month... I am sad to see it go because it really is the BEST month of the year!  Here were some of our October Highlights.

From top to bottom, and left to right...
  • My best friend, Kelley and I had some great times in Austin while I was there.  In this picture, we're kissing a mannequin at a two-step dancing club.
  • My hubby surprised me in Austin and we had an amazing 32 hours together... including time at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Hubby surprised me at the two-step dance club with the help of Kelley.  It was unbelievable and so special!!!
  • Hubby and I have been out shooting in the cool, fall weather.
  • While Hubby was in Austin, we went to a Baylor football game with my friend, Obinna.  Baylor best West Virginia!
  • Hubby and I have been out hunting a little this month.
  • Lexie was SO excited to get me home from Austin.  I was also very excited to be home.
  • Our little niece, Zivah, all dressed up for Halloween.
  • Hubby organized a big school fundraiser, which was a huge success.  The night included him in the dunk-tank.  I was the first to successfully dunk him, which he found surprising, and his students found awesome!

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