Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Over the River...

Over the river and through the woods, to our baby's grandmother's house we go...

Hubby and I are off to St. Louis for Thanksgiving, the Miller family Christmas gift exchange (affectionately coined "Christgiving" this year), and our first baby shower.

This is our first Thanksgiving leaving Colorado since before we knew each other.  Three years ago, my parents came to Colorado, and that is when Chris asked permission to marry me.  Then, the first two years of our marriage, my parents AND all of Chris' family came to stay with us in Rifle for Thanksgiving.

This year, because of some Christmas travel logistics, AND Chris' family throwing us a baby shower, we are off to St. Louis.

I will miss my parents -- my first Thanksgiving without them since my Jr. year of college, when I was studying abroad in Rome, but they will have a lovely Thanksgiving in Colorado, and we saw them before we left and will see them after we get back.  They even came to my doctor's appointment yesterday and met my OBGYN, and got to hear the baby's heartbeat.  :-D

We were quite a crowd in the little exam room -- Hubby, Momma, Daddy, the doctor, and me.  It was a totally routine appointment -- nothing special, nothing going wrong (Praise God!)... but there is nothing routine about the chance to hear our baby's heartbeat, and my parent's chance to meet my doctor and hear their little grandchild's heartbeat.  It was such blessing to have them there and come along for that appointment.

So, Happy Thanksgiving.

The next posts will be coming to you from St. Louis.

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