Thursday, November 21, 2013


Lloyd was supervising my studying over the weekend -- making sure I was doing my work.
Any free moment I have had this week... and several moments that weren't really free have been spent studying for the national Orientation and Mobility (O&M) certification exam.

This is a culmination of all the course work I have completed since this past January, and before to learn how to teach children and adults who are blind how to travel, with a white cane, safely and as independently as possible.

To avoid confusion, I CAN teach O&M without taking (or passing this certification test).  Having completed my University coursework is qualification enough for teaching; however, if I wanted to work with other ages, or for a different company, this national certification would be invaluable.  I might as well take the test while just coming out of my university coursework and while the information is fresh in my mind.

So, Friday morning I will be taking this certification test.
Three hours.
One hundred forty questions.
Multiple choice.
One agency that prides itself on the number of people who fail on their first attempt.

Please pray for:
  • many hours to study today
  • a clear head with which to study
  • the Lord's guidance on what to study and what to retain
  • a good night's sleep tonight
  • a chance to adequately demonstrate my knowledge and skill on the test
  • a clear head and calm body (and baby) during the test
  • that I pass this certification test with flying colors
I'll keep you posted.

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