Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bucket or To Do...

I have a list for the rest of the year... I'm not sure if its a Bucket List or To Do List... but either way, it needs to get done.

To make a list for the rest of the year is a little overwhelming, and feels more like a daunting list rather than a fun list... so I'm going to stick to November.

November Bucket/To-Do List:
  • Make room for baby clothes in our closet
  • Continue process of storing clothes/items that are not readily needed in order to make room for baby items
  • Organize our basement and make it more of a guest room for company that comes to see our baby
  • Be disciplined enough to do focused-exercises 3-or-more times/week
  • Finish Christmas shopping for the Miller Family gift exchange (occurring over Thanksgiving -- we're calling it Christgiving... which is a pretty cool name)
  • Study for O&M certification exam
  • Take and PASS O&M certification exam
  • Complete Work To-Do List (a WHOLE other can of worms)
  • Begin decorating house for Christmas -- I'm hosting a gathering on December 3, so the Christmas decorations have to be well under way before we head to St. Louis for Thanksgiving
  • Have a few friends over for dinner... we owe a couple of families
  • Spend quality time loving on my adorable animals before they get their new human sibling
  • Make progress on Bradley Method books, and The Happiest Baby on the Block book
  • Keep loving my hubby like crazy
Wish me luck!

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