Friday, November 8, 2013

Sandens Take Nashville

What an amazing and memorable two days the Sanden women had in Nashville, TN.

What a perfect trip -- we laughed, we ate, we saw sights, we met new people, we made quite the impression wherever we went, we did separate things, and we did things together -- just a great trip!

Here are some parts of our trip in pictures:

Mom and I walked around Vandy's campus... my old stomping grounds

Great meal and great family at Pancake Pantry!

"Got Syrup?" onsies at Pancake Pantry... so cute!

Mom and I are ready for the CMAs!

Cousin Elizabeth and me, at a Honky Tonk Bar - pre CMAs

The Sanden women -- mom, and Aunt Diana are married to brothers.  My dad, and Elizabeth's dad are brothers, so we had sisters-in-law, and cousins!

... So, when it was time to walk from the bar to the CMAs, it was pouring rain.  We asked for garbage bags from the bar and walked to the venue.  Call us bag ladies, or white trash... but we arrived at the event dry and beautiful underneath these bags!

Here we are from our seats!

Hello, Nashville!

The 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards!

After the show, we went to a bar for dinner, and Elizabeth hung her beautiful cloak on this mannequin to dry it off... it was pretty funny.

We met a friend for lunch at the Loveless Cafe, and I fell in LOVE with this onsie!

Our dear friend, Stephanie grew up in Michigan, and we've known her for over 20 years.  She and her husband and three girls spent two years in Rwanda, and then moved to the Nashville area a few months ago.  We were SOOOO excited to get to see her and catch up over a great Southern meal at the Loveless Cafe.

Mom and I spent some time Thursday shopping for the shoes I need to wear in a wedding this December.  The bride wanted the shoes to include several aspects (satin, heel, open-toe)... and given that I will be 8 months pregnant, I wanted the shoes to include several more aspects (low heal, comfortable, can-wear-them-again).  These shoes were the winner.
As we were walking away from the shoe counter, the sales woman said, "Enjoy the wedding."  My mom immediately, and loudly announced to everyone in the shoe department that it was not MY wedding (give that I'm 6 months pregnant).  "She's a bridesmaid in the wedding... she's been married for 2 years!!!"
My mom wanted to defend my honor and set the record straight about the shoes for someone ELSE'S wedding.  It was really funny.

We heard some music at the legendary Bluebird Cafe

What a perfect few days.
It means so much to me that these three women (mother-daughter, and mother-daughter) came from different corners of the country (New York, Florida, and Michigan) to spend time together, make lasting memories, and have one last hurrah before my life changes forever, and I become a mother.

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  1. What a fun time! You look beautiful! I love the shoes and love how your mom spoke up for you! :)


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