Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Treasuring the Present: 29 Weeks

Today, I'm treasuring exactly where Hubby and I are in life and in this pregnancy.

  • still have a little time before our baby arrives
  • have a to-do list to accomplish before our baby arrives... and we have a chance to complete everything on this list
  • have a few baby showers ahead of us, and we are excited at the anticipation
  • still have some time with family and travel ahead of us before baby
  • still have a chance to prepare our work for maternity leave/newborn life
  • both have some pregnancy symptoms... but nothing we cannot live with
  • still have some childbirth classes and practicing to do
  • have time to decide on names
  • don't know how much time is left before baby... but we can reasonably hope for about two months -- we could always be in for a surprise, but a reasonable hope is two months
  • haven't spent all that much on our baby yet... we can still hope that we won't have to
  • haven't made any major decisions about Life After Baby -- just lots of prayer
  • are tremendously in love with each other
  • still live in the world of parenting where we have agreed on most things and made very few errors
  • are able to sleep through the night without interuption
  • are able to dote on our two animals... and on each other

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