Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Celebrating

I am headed out of town today... again... but THIS time, it is for only a few days, and it is for a celebration!!!

I am headed to NASHVILLE to meet my mom, my aunt, and my cousin to attend THE CMA MUSIC AWARDS!!!

This trip is a celebration I have been looking forward to for months.  This is a birthday present, last-hurrah-before-I'm-a-mom present, and Congratulations-I'm-done-with-my-O&M-classes from Hubby, my dad, and my brother.  Also, it is a a 60th birthday present for my mom.

I am taking three days off of work... and actually TAKING TIME OFF WORK!!!  I have had time away from work in August and October -- but I was working the whole time at my O&M degree.  These 3 days will be PURE VACATION!

I get to see my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.
I get to eat AMAZING Nashville Southern food.
I get to get all dressed up and dolled up for a red carpet event.
I get to ATTEND the CMA awards with three amazing women.
I get to have a getaway with my mom, aunt, and cousin before the next generation of our family enters the world.

This is a trip that my mom, aunt, cousin, and I have talked about for years.  What a great trip this would be -- just us girls, to have a few days in Nashville, and attend the CMA Awards.  And, now, in these next few days, the trip is finally actually happening.

There is a time for hard work.  There is a time for planning.  There is a time for anticipation.  And then, there is a time for celebrating, for cherishing good times together, and truly treasuring the present.

This trip will be such a celebration!

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