Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great Saturday

Friday, some friends of ours with four children, and their fifth on the way asked Hubby and me if we were treasuring these last days when it was just the two of us.  I think we are, but it was a good reminder that life as we know it, is about to be over - forever.

With that in mind, what a great Saturday we had.

We slept in, and I actually slept well -- which has not been the case this week between heartburn, and then Hubby and me sharing a bed again (which we hadn't done in over a  week due to both of our travel schedules).  Then, we watched some College Gameday, had some breakfast, and I started studying for my O&M certification exam (to be taken on Friday).

We watched the Michigan game together, which had an UNBELIEVABLE last 20 seconds of regulation leading to 3 overtimes... and then it was back to studying for the rest of the night.

While I was studying, Hubby graded some papers, and made me dinner.  He also said we need to get my heartburn under control, because ever since I have started to get heartburn in my pregnancy, he is getting heartburn too.  :-D

Our house was nice and clean because we had company over Friday night, and it was a rainy, cold autumn day outside, but we were warm, and dry, and safe inside all day.

When I look back in a year and wonder what Hubby and I did before children, I hope I remember time together.  Time spent taking care of each other, loving on each other, working together, snuggling together, sleeping in together, enjoying hobbies (like football) together, and making each other laugh.

I know children will be such a blessing, and a new facet of love within our marriage... but I really am cherishing these last weeks and months of our amazing two-person household.

P.S.  In case you missed the last 20 seconds of regulation of the Michigan game... here is a clip I found on youtube -- CRAZY!!!!

Way to go, Michigan!

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