Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inspiration at 81

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dad celebrating his 80th birthday with his grandsons, my nephews
 My daddy turns 81 years old today.

 In the past, I have done blog posts on his birthday about how he has been the best dad I could ever have imagined, and how much I have learned from him over the years.

I am sure in the future, I will be doing a blog post about how my daddy is the best grandfather in the world, and how much my child/children adore him.

For this year, however, I want to take a minute to remember some things my dad has done that have surprised me, and my husband, this year, lest I may forget in future years.

My dad is the most reliable, dependable, responsible, steady, stable man I've ever known.  Because of these qualities, he does not often surprise me.  He is a man who loves surprising the people he loves with experiences and generosity... but he himself -- his actions and his interests do not surprise me.

I, after all, am so much like him.  My mannerisms are from my mom -- my actions, my personality, my love of routine is from my dad.

You can imagine my surprise this year, when my dad, at 80 years of age began some new hobbies and new pastimes.  These were not hobbies that he had always thought that, once old enough he would begin (like maybe whittling, or shuffleboard)... but hobbies that much younger men avoid -- like, among other things, learning to type.

My dad has inspired me for years... but this year, he has inspired me in a completely new way.  I have heard of men in their golden years learning new things.  But, I would not have expected MY DAD... the man I have come to know very very well over the past 30 years to, in one year, between age 80-81 tackle a new hobby he had never talked about before.

I want to be a lifetime learner... but watching my dad actually exemplify one had filled me with more pride and admiration for this man, for whom I have always had pride and admiration, than I ever thought possible.

Thank you, Daddy, for continuing to inspire Chris and me in new ways and for surprising me in the process.  I am so proud to be your daughter.

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