Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Our Animals

We have two wonderful dependents these days -- our beautiful, loving kitty-cat, and our adorable, eager-to-please puppy-dog.  The days of our animals being our only dependents are rapidly coming to an end.

In a matter of months, we will have a crying, wiggling, squirming, lovable, helpless human baby on our hands and in our home.  Hubby and I have very little idea the many ways in which our lives are going to be turned upside down when our bundle of joy arrives, and we have even less idea how our little baby will change our family and affect our four-legged critters.

Right now, I am cherishing our moments with two furry children in our house... and one in utero.

While one never wants to think that she hinders the growth of her family, I see, now that I am back from Texas, that, in my absence, Hubby, Lexie and Lloyd have grown much closer than ever before.  Lexie and Hubby especially seem to have a bond that they have never had before -- he is taking time to pet her each day, and she is taking time to play around with him each day.  It absolutely warms my heart.

My first night home from Texas, I fell asleep before I was settled in bed -- I was laying on pillows watching tv with Hubby... and the next morning, he showed me these pictures:


We absolutely love our two animal babies, and we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our first human baby.  But today, I'm cherishing the moments with our two furry pets, and our time remaining of a family of four -- two humans, two animals.

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