Friday, October 11, 2013

The Austin Surprise Part 3

The story of my husband surprising me in Austin continues.  Don't forget about parts one and two.

After the most enjoyable, surprising and memorable Friday night with my husband and my best friend, I got to wake up next to my husband in Austin Saturday morning and cherish the entire day with him!

We had fallen into bed around 3:30am Friday night/Saturday morning... but there was NO WAY I was going to waste these precious hours I had with Chris in Austin in a state of slumber.  I had us up and going and out the door by 10am.

Before I go on, I should say that I thought I knew the plans for Saturday evening.  Up until Chris appeared, I THOUGHT the plans were that Kelley and I were driving up to Waco for the WVU v. Baylor football game!  One of the first things I asked Chris when I saw him Friday night was, "Are you going to the Baylor game with us?"  He sort of chuckled and said, "Well, Sweetie, Kelley's not going to the game.  Just you and I are going to the Baylor game."  Apparently Kelley was never planning on going to the game -- she couldn't spend the time away from her dissertation... she had always been the decoy to hide the fact that Chris and I were going to the game.

So, we knew we had to be in Waco in time for kickoff... but the rest of the day was ours to spend in Austin.

We began our Austin day with some good ole Tex Mex.

Next, we took advantage of this rare time together without animals, obligations, and responsibilities... and went to an Austin Buy Buy Baby store.

Trying out rocking chairs at Buy Buy Baby
We had begun our registry at Buy Buy Baby in Denver the night before I left for Texas, but we weren't really doing it because we were ready, or excited, or wanting to... we did it because we knew it was something that had to get done.  We are blessed to be having a few showers in the coming months, and we don't get to Denver often (which is the nearest Buy Buy Baby store), so we had to make the most of our time there.  In Austin, we could actually relax, browse, laugh, and joke about some of the USELESS items on the market for babies.  Plus, this store was much bigger than the store we had visited in Denver, so we were able to compare different items, and update our registry as needed.  We had a great time... and no tears were shed (unlike the experience of registering in Denver the night before I left for Texas).

Austin has such a warm place in our hearts after our weekend together, that we had a get a little Longhorn sleeper for our Nugget
Then, off to Waco we went... only to find out that we were not seeing the game, just the two of us.  Chris had arranged for my friend, Obinna, from Dallas to come down to join us for the game.  The surprises just never stopped all weekend.

This picture was taken right at our seats... we were front row behind the end zone!
We had AMAZING seats (thank you Stub Hub) for the game, the weather was brisk and fall-like (some Texans were wearing scarves, hats, and mittens... it was very comical), and to top things off, Baylor won!  It was a perfect football night!

When Hubby and I arrived home around 1:00am, we were SO exhausted and collapsed into bed.  It is very safe to say, the ONLY thing that had any chance of making us stay a awake even a moment longer than absolutely necessary, was the hope of Chris feeling our baby move.

I had started to feel bigger and bigger movements from the baby the week before Hubby surprised me, and I was excited for Chris to be able to feel the baby when I got back to Denver.  Then, with the 32 hours we had together, Hubby and I were on the run constantly, so even when I felt the baby moving, the situation wasn't such that Chris was able to feel anything.

So, in bed Saturday night after 1:00am, I started poking my abdomen hoping that the rule of "Never wake a sleeping baby" didn't apply in utero.  The baby's movements were right at my belly button, so they weren't the easiest to feel... but sure enough within 2 minutes, Hubby... or I guess I should say, Daddy had felt his first three little kicks from our perfect little jitterbug.

This day was truly the textbook definition of perfect.

Our amazing 32 hours ended Sunday morning when Hubby headed off for an early flight back to Colorado.  He left me with memories of the most joyful weekend we had had in a very long time, and the determination to recognize that I had four days left to my practicum... and now was the time to finish what I started and haul tail back to Colorado and the arms of my husband.

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