Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Best Songs...

I love the show NASHVILLE, but I rarely watch it on Wednesday night.  Chris and I enjoy catching up on shows that we like on the weekend, and DVR lets us record everything and then fast-forward through commercials.  :-D

That being said, I watched this weeks episode of NASHVILLE on Friday night, and this song as been going through my mind ever since I saw it.  The back story is that this singer was in a very serious car accident, and even once she came back to work, her voice was not the same.  She was hopeful that her voice would heal, in time, but the fact was that, when she opened her mouth, she wasn't sure what was going to come out.

In this scene, she is blind-sided at a charity event and made to take the stage and sing -- whether she's ready or not.  Her emotion combined with the words of this song are breathtaking, and tear-jerking.

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