Monday, October 28, 2013

Preggers I: 26 Weeks

 Can you tell which weeks we forget to take the picture in church clothes, and instead we take the picture after a shower, when I'm ready for bed?  This is what a non-maternity (Cardinals) shirt looks on me these days -- GO CARDS!

How far along?  26 weeks

How I am feeling?  Pretty well.  Lloyd and I did some walking/jogging this week, and it felt great to be out there, although 30 minutes is about my maximum time limit before the weight of my uterus starts to really affect me.
How big is baby?  The size of a head of lettuce... 13.6-14.8 inches and 1.5-2.2 lbs

Sleep:  I've been sleeping really well (Thank You, Lord!)  I am using a pillow between my legs to help ease the stress on my lower back, but I seem to have the hang of it now.
Boy/Girl Prediction:  I've actually been thinking, this week, that the baby might be a girl.  Although it could just be that Hubby and I, again, discussed girls names and we still have ABSOLUTELY NO girls name on the face of the earth that we've been able to agree on yet.
Baby Nicknames:  Baby, Nugget, or Jitterbug

Best moment this week:  Going out jogging with Lloyd in the beautiful October weather was pretty awesome.  I found a dirt road near our house where it felt nice to jog without doing so on the sidewalks in our neighborhoods.  I'm not feeling my most athletic at the moment, and so the privacy and tranquility of the dirt road was perfect.  Also, Hubby and I had our first Bradley Method class, and it is nice to feel like we're on the same page and we know what we're supposed to be practicing.

Food cravings:  Food that is spicy... and honey nut cheerios.
Missing:   Regular coffee this past week.  I even made decaf for myself two mornings, which still has more caffeine than I usually get -- but life is getting hectic, which means I am needing morning coffee and decaf or iced tea is all I get.

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, in fact, many of my summer clothes, and winter non-maternity clothes have been packed up, labeled, and put in the basement to make room for the maternity clothes in my closet.
Movements:  Yes, and this is amazing!  I absolutely love the feeling of our baby moving inside me -- but usually I don't have any idea what part of the baby is moving.  Was that an arm, or a leg, or a foot, or was the baby rolling over?  I'm clueless.

Labor Signs:  No.  Thank goodness!

General Attitude:  Positive and excited for the next few weeks.  Between now and Thanksgiving, I have some major projects I want to get accomplished at home -- this past weekend, I organized the things in our guest room, I've started to think about how we're going to organize our home to make room for the baby, and I'm excited about these weeks to come and all that we can accomplish -- is this the start of nesting?

What I am looking forward to this week:  Continuing to organize our house and getting out for more walks with Lloyd.

Milestones:  I'm at 26 weeks, which is a really dose of reality because my closest cousin (she was a bridesmaid in our wedding) was born at 26 weeks in 1985.  She was in an incubator for a long time, and I was only about 20 months old, so I don't remember the details, but to see her today, you would never imagine she was born so premature.  Nevertheless, I work with SO MANY students who were born premature, and therefore have Retinopathy of Prematurity (visual disability due to premature birth), or other visual or physical impairments that I CANNOT IMAGINE our baby arriving so early.  Stay put, little Nugget -- you've still got a lot of cooking to do.

  My cousin, born at 26 weeks, with me at Chris and my wedding.

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