Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Highlights

I was so excited about writing about the start of October yesterday, that I didn't actually sum up September.  In sum... September was crazy.

September was a whirlwind.  The first three weeks of the month were spent soaking up as much time as possible with my husband, who I was not with for the majority of the summer... but this time was far too little given that we were both back to work with a new school year.  My work was made especially complicated in September because most of the month was spent trying to create a system for my students to survive when I left for Texas for my last practicum placement on Sept 23.  September was a blur... which is all the more reason to highlight a few of the best and memorable parts of the month.

Some highlights include:
  • Canning pears (and peaches) with a few of the free moments I had -- I love canning in the fall
  • Fun times at the Texas State Fair
  • Away from my hubby and animals again, Hubby and I are loving FaceTime to see each other while we talk... in this picture, he is holding Lexie so I can see her too.
  • Hubby's 33rd birthday on Sept 13!  I am so thankful for this man!
  • Hubby and I went out to a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday
  • We got to see our little Nugget on the 20 week ultrasound.  The little Jitterbug was moving like crazy... in this picture is a head on the left and a foot right in the middle.  We opted not to find out if we're having a boy or a girl, but we are so grateful that everything looks healthy.
  • My first night in Austin, my best friend Kelley took me to a Texas Long-Horns football game!  Hook 'em Horns!
  • My friend Obinna and I had a blast in Dallas at the State Fair of Texas
  • Lloyd was happy as a clam to have Chris and me back to together and at home for most of the month.  Have you ever seen a more relaxed or contented dog than the one in this picture?
Adios September.  Welcome, October!

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