Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Here and Now

What a fun list... I found it from a fellow blogger.

Making:  An effort to CLEAN OUR HOUSE this weekend!  The state of our house has been deplorable since August due to all of my travel

Cooking:  More and more these days -- Chili, Spaghetti sauce, Baked chicken, Applesauce, and Pumpkin dishes I love Autumn!
Drinking:  Water all the time -- and sometimes sparkling pear juice when I want to celebrate -- oh, and white grape juice each morning.
Reading:  Mostly blogs, and trying to spend time reading my Bradley Method Pregnancy Workbook, and The Bradley Method: Husband-Coached Child Birth
Wanting: To be rubbed by my hubby at the end of each day -- you name it -- feet, legs, lower back, shoulders.  My hubby takes good care of my pregger body.

Looking:  Like I have a volleyball under my shirt every day.
Playing: I don't play much these days -- maybe, playing like a wife when I take care of my hubby?
Wasting:  Time in the car driving from school to school every day -- but I have no choice.  I have to go where the students are.

Sewing:  What I reap.
Wishing:  That my Orientation and Mobility Certification exam was over -- this is the national test I'm not required to take, but want to take for this degree I just completed.

Enjoying:  Feeling baby movements inside me... and especially when hubby gets to feel Baby moving too.
Waiting:  For the first week in November for my trip to Nashville with my mom, cousin, and aunt for the CMA Awards!!!!
Liking:  My afternoon walks with Lloyd in the beautiful fall weather -- although I'm usually spent after 30 minutes.

Wondering:  Whether our baby is a boy or a girl.
Loving:  Weekends with my hubby!
Hoping:  The Lord meets all of our current and forthcoming needs with our baby coming.
Marveling:  At the baby movements in my belly!
Needing:  To clean our house ASAP!

Smelling:  Soap leftover from the last time I washed my hands.

Wearing:   Well... pajamas at the moment, but maternity clothes, or hubby's clothes most waking hours.

Following:  College football standings, and University of Michigan football really closely -- Oh, and how the Cardinals are doing in the World Series.  GO CARDS!

Noticing:  How appreciative my hubby is when I keep the laundry clean, dishes clean, and go out shooting with him.

Knowing:  How precious are these final months with just my hubby and me, and our critters.  Our life will never be like this again, and I will remember these first years of marriage so fondly, forever.
Thinking:  That Rayna's song on last week's episode of NASHVILLE was amazing and absolutely made me cry.  I will need to download it soon.  "The best songs come from broken hearts..."
Bookmarking:  Pre-natal all-fours pelvic tilt exercises on youtube... I didn't quite get the hang of them from our workbook, and the video demonstrations helped.
Opening:  Our pressure cooker today for canning applesauce and tomatoes!
Giggling:  At Jay Leno's Monday night "Headlines" -- hubby and I DVR his show, just so we can laugh at headlines once a week.
Feeling:  So happy with life right this minute -- a gorgeous October weekend, safe and warm at home, with my amazing husband, our gestating baby, and our two animals.

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  1. Your answers were so fun to read :)
    And, mmm, you can bring me some chilli anytime!


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