Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Austin Surprise Part 2

My amazing husband surprised me in Austin this past weekend...

Part 1 of the story is here.

Friday night, my best friend, Kelley and I had plans for a Girls' Night Out -- what we affectionately call Chick Time!  It was my last weekend in Austin, she had turned in a HUGE component of her doctoral dissertation, and I had video-taped my last practicum lesson.  It was time to celebrate.

I was a little nervous about my energy level for Chick Time because first of all, I'm 5 months pregnant, and secondly, Chris and I don't have a big night life available to us in Rifle, so I don't have an endurance built up for late, energetic Friday nights.  But, I rested up Friday afternoon, took a little nap, and was ready to party with her Friday night.

We met another friend for great Texas BBQ

Then, we went to an Austin staple -- The Broken Spoke for Texas two-step dancing!  I had been to a two-step dance club with Kelley once before about 6 years ago, and it was SO much fun!  It doesn't matter if you don't bring a partner, because everyone dances with everyone else, and the men really know how to lead, so the woman doesn't have to know the dance... she just has to follow.

We were having fun at The Spoke, and listening to great music, and enjoying girls time.  All the while, I wasn't commenting on it to her... but I could tell why it would be fun to bring your own man to this sort of dance club.  It is fun dancing with strangers, but also nice not to have to rely on the strangers to ask you to dance.

We were having a great time, and Kelley kept checking her phone and mentioning that some friends might come by and join us.  When the band took a break, I told her that I wanted to get a drink from my water bottle in the car.  She said she would come with me, and right when we got outside the bar, she said she wanted to get a picture of us.  Then, before she could get the picture, she said that her friend had sent her a video, and we needed to watch this video.

I was thinking this was a little weird... but whatever, sure, we could watch this video.

The video started to play on her phone, and I recognized the song and immediately tried to come up with the title.  Within the first 10 seconds, I said to Kelley, "OH, it's 'Austin.'  The song is 'Austin'."  Then as I kept watching, I said, "But those pictures are Vail."  At this point, I as still completely clueless and I am wondering what sort of weird, or political, or funny, or crazy video her friend sent her... and why are we watching it right now, outside, in the dark, in front of The Broken Spoke Bar?

We both were kind of laughing, and half watching the video, and she said, "I don't know what this is that he sent me."  At this point, I started looking around... because we were standing outside a bar, in the dark, near the parking lot, watching a random video.  I'm not entire sure what I was thinking... but something like "Is anyone watching us do this?  I'm kind of embarrassed.  I don't know why we're standing here watching a video on a phone."

As I looked around -- less than a minute into the song/video, I see my husband standing behind me, across the parking lot.

I couldn't believe it!!!!

I said something like, "What?!?!  What are you doing here?" as he and I walked toward each other.  His response was, "Surprise, Babe!"

We hugged, and he picked me up, and spun me around... and it was perfect.

Then, he immediately drew our attention back to the video where we would learn that I turned around too early.  I was supposed to wait for the part that said, "Turn Around Babe!"... and THAT'S when I was supposed to turn around and see him there.

The next hour was spent hearing all the details of how Kelley and Chris had been planning this together for over a month, and how they had made special names in each other's phones for their numbers so that I wouldn't accidentally know that they were in contact.  Kelley's name in Chris' phone was Kalinda Magoo... and Chris' name in Kelley's phone was Chad Mills.

The rest of the night involved dancing... with our own man!!!  We didn't have to wait to be asked to dance... we had one of our own!... spending time with my husband and my best friend, marveling at the fact that Kelley, my college "Partner-In-Crime" was now in cahoots with my husband (is this a good thing or a bad thing), shutting down the bar, and heading out for a midnight (or 1:00am) snack.

By the way, at the 1:00am snack... we had to WAIT FOR A TABLE!  They actually gave us a buzzer and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table to open up.  Chris and I, from a town where nothing is open after 9:00pm were shocked.

It was an absolutely perfect night including chick time, amazing surprise, then time with my husband and my best friend (which never happens because of our long-distance friendship), and just hanging out together.

I went to sleep Friday night (well, early Saturday morning), next to my husband, feeling so blessed... with "Austin" in my head.

To be continued...

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