Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Letters... I Love October!

  • Dear October, I LOVE YOU!  You have to be the most beautiful month of the year.  I can't believe you are almost over and Halloween is right around the corner.  Every day, the beauty of autumn leaves takes my breath away.  Thank you for being such a beautiful month!
  • Dear Daddy, Congratulations!
  • Dear Pregnancy Exercises, It's been nice to incorporate you into life this week and feel like I know what I'm supposed to be doing and why you are important.
  • Dear Cardinals, BEAT BOSTON!!!!
  • Dear Hubby, Good luck getting a deer this weekend... I bet you'll have better hunting odds without your pregger wife tagging along.
  • Dear Weekend, You will be full of cleaning, organizing, and canning.  You have been warned.
  • Dear Woman Who Told Me I Looked Really Small For Being Due In February, God Bless You!
  • Dear Little Baby,  You are just the cutest little thing.  I love feeling you move.
  • Dear Hubby, I love being pregnant with your baby.
  • Dear Friday, You are such a good friend!

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