Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Parts of Home

So far, I've been in Michigan about 12 hours and the best parts of being home are as follows:
  • Knowing Hubby and I will be OFF THE ROAD for at least a day (2,000 miles in 3 days)
  • My KITTY CAT greeting me at home!!!  I haven't seen or held my Lexie-Girl in 11 weeks and she's been spoiled rotten at my parents' house, but it was SO nice to have her greet me at the door and purr in my arms as soon as I arrived.  I have missed her SO much.
  • Knowing Hubby and I can SLEEP IN today!
  • Knowing that Hubby, Lexie, Lloyd and I are ALL in the same house for the first time since early May!!!!  Our family has been incomplete with missing pieces all over the country, and I am going to savor these fleeting days when we are all together again.
  • Enjoying the COOL temperatures in West Michigan right now.  After my month of baking alive in Tucson, I don't know that I'll ever complain about cool summer temperatures again!
  • Seeing my parents, and knowing they are going to take care of us while we're here.  We're at Camp Sanden, and the counselors make sure we're fed, cared for, and entertained.  :-D
There really is no place like home.

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