Monday, July 15, 2013

Gratitude: Day 9

Today, I am grateful that my HUGE comprehensive exam research paper for my university O&M program is completed, and submitted!!!

This paper has been hanging over my head all summer.  The way the University handles the comprehensive exam for Orientation and Mobility is to email out two case-studies of different students, and I had one week to write an extensive, comprehensive research paper about how the O&M services for one of these students would look.

The week of comp exams fell last week -- my first week in Tucson, away from my hubby, in a new place, at a new practicum placement.  I was none-too-thrilled at the timing, although I'm not sure when, this summer, I would have chosen to have a huge, comprehensive exam due.

I will find out in about a month if I have passed or failed (I WILL PASS!).  If I pass, all is right with the world.  If I fail, I have one more chance to take another comp exam in the fall, and if I fail that one as well, all of my course work with the University is canceled out.

I worked SO hard on this paper, and prayed like crazy through it.  I HAVE to have passed this exam.

All of that being said, today, I am treasuring this night that it is over -- turned in -- finished!

8 days down -- 12 to go!

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