Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gratitude: Day 18

Day 18... I'm getting there.

Today, I am grateful for mechanics... and mechanics who can serve my car immediately.

Yesterday the air conditioning in my car died.  I heard a weird sound in the morning, but didn't notice a difference in the temperature.  In the afternoon, however, OH MY, I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE IN THE TEMPERATURE!

With the help of a few locals, I was able to find an air conditioner repair place that was able to get my care serviced IMMEDIATELY!

Within two hours my air conditioning was fixed.  It cost plenty, but I am SO Grateful for a working air conditioner.  Not only do I need it to survive in Tucson, but Hubby and I will definitely need it this weekend as we journey from Tucson to Michigan on a very long road trip.

17 days down -- 3 to go!

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