Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gratitude: Day 10


Hubby and I have made it to the half-way point of this time a part!!!!  I am SO grateful that from here on out, we are on the second half, the down-hill, the home stretch, the countdown to seeing each other!!

Also, as silly as it sounds, I am grateful for The Bachelorette...  and The Bachelor (although The Bachelorette is what is currently airing).  I know its silly, I'm not sure how authentic everything is, although I think the guys on there seem to be pretty sincere... but I really enjoy these shows because I fall more in love with my husband when I watch them.


When I hear the participants talking about the object of their affection and remember their dates together and moments when they knew that person was the "One", I think of my hubby and I remember special dates that we had, and when our relationship became serious.

I hear how twitter-pated they are with each other, and I get all giddy and twitter-pated with love for my husband.

Also, these shows make me grateful that I HAVE the man of my dreams.  I am not still searching for him.

9 days down -- 11 to go!

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