Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gratitude: Day 7

Today, I am grateful for rain.

Tucson has a LOT of heat... but it also has these beautiful rainstorms.  Not every day, but just about every day and a half, Tucson gets a HUGE thunderstorm.  It may not last very long -- maybe 15 minutes, but it is BIG complete with thunder, lightning, wind, sheets of rain.  It's called Monsoon Season.

Apparently, as a city, Tucson isn't very equipped to deal with heavy rain, and has flood warnings posted all over the city... but as a Coloradian for the past 4.5 years, I LOVE rain storms.  We don't get rain storms -- REAL thunder storms.  I can think of maybe 3 big  thunder storms in my 4.5 years in Colorado.  We get big snow storms, little rain showers, and plenty of droughts... but we don't big, beautiful thunder storms.

I am LOVING the Tucson monsoon season.  It is a nice trade-off to the insane temperatures.

I took these pictures yesterday during a storm, and accidentally labeled them "typhoon" instead of "monsoon" -- clearly, I'm not from around these parts.

6 days down -- 14 to go!

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