Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gratitude: Day 19

Oh my, Day 19!!!!

Today, I am so grateful for the woman who had been housing me during these three weeks in Tucson.  She is a PEO sister, and has opened her home, her kitchen, her life, her heart, her dog, and her family to me.

She is such a natural mother, and she had taken care of me in so many ways while I've been here.  She fixes dinner for us every night, she listens to stories about my day, she makes sure I get my work done, and she even shares her garage with me so my car doesn't have to sit outside.

She has the most beautiful home, but what makes it most beautiful is her hospitality and the open arms with which she greeted me and has continued to welcome me every day of my stay.

Lord, Please bless this woman for her incredible kindness and hospitality, and please bring it back to her in spades.

18 days down; 2 to go!!!

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