Friday, July 19, 2013

Gratitude: Day 13

Today, I am so grateful for the loving arms of my husband.  And, what is more... his loving arms that reach across thousands of miles to brighten my day, support me, and make me feel loved.

Tuesday, and especially Wednesday, I had TOUGH, TOUGH days.  I was missing Chris like crazy, and picking fights with him over the phone because it was easier to be angry with him than miss him.  All of Wednesday I felt like I could burst into tears at any moment.

Finally Wednesday night, I just feel apart in my husband's arms -- his digital arms, I guess.  I just poured my heart out to my hubby and told him all the things on my mind, and everything that was bothering me, and told him how exhausted I am, and I just cried, and cried, and cried.  And my husband is so wonderful -- his strong, loving arms reached from St. Louis to Tucson, and he let me know that it was okay to cry about everything, but that it was all going to be fine.

Well, its amazing what a good 'ole sob-fest can do, because Thursday I felt back to myself -- and because I had felt SO lousy Tuesday, and Wednesday, by comparison, Thursday I felt GREAT!!!!

And then my day got even better!!!

Even though my hubby had already fixed my problems, and let me cry it out... he sealed the cheering up by sending me flowers during the day on Thursday.  I feel so loved, and I get to look at these beautiful flowers until he comes to see me himself ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

By the time these flowers wilt, I will be seeing my hubby in person, and I will be wrapped within his real arms.

12 days down -- 8 days to go!

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