Friday, July 26, 2013

Gratitude: DAY 20

DAY 20!!!

Today is my last day in Tucson.


My bags are packed, my car is loaded -- I just have one more 8 hour day to work and I head North to Phoenix to see my love.

Today, I am grateful for a sense of accomplishment, and the relief that comes from a little time off.  Sure, my time off will be spent driving from one end of the country to another, and preparing for my next practicum placement that starts in 9 days... but I am going to try to not let those factors detract from my accomplishment and relief.

I will try to continue blogging as Hubby and I travel, because it's a nice habit, but no promises as we sojourn cross country.

I get to see my Hubby today.  I cried and cried 20 days ago when he put me on a plane to come to the desert alone for three weeks.  Today, I may just cry and cry when he gets off his plane in the desert to greet me.

Three weeks is WAY too long to be away from the man I love.  Such a fact makes me think about military families who are away from each other for MONTHS and longer.

I know Chris and my greeting to one another will look nothing like this, but I want to share this beautiful video of a solider coming home.  I am so grateful that there are men and women who work away from their families protecting our freedom.  I am so grateful for the families who carry on and keep the home fires burning while their soldiers are away.  Lord, please bless these families in a very special way, today, and every day.

19.5 days down; 12 hours to go!!!!

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