Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gratitude: Day 8

Today, I am grateful for Sunday -- the day of rest.

Rarely do I feel that Sunday is a day of rest -- more often than not in might be Saturday for me.  Sunday is nice... but not always a day of focused rest and worship.

Today, I still have some work to do... but today will truly be a day of rest.  I will be finding a church to attend in Tucson, I will be completing ONE FINAL proof-reading of my research paper and TURNING IT IN, and preparing for a few O&M lessons for next week.

All of that having been said, today will be SOOO RESTFUL compared to the week I had.  I am giddy just thinking about the rest my body and spirit will get today.

Not only will my body get more rest by being able to sleep in a little, but I will NOT be out in the Tucson heat for a prolonged period of time AT ALL today!

Thank you, Lord, that You knew humans so well that You knew we would need one day to recover from our work.  Thank you for Sundays.

7 days down -- 13 to go!!!

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