Monday, October 29, 2012

Worth It!... I Hope

Relief is Coming... I Hope...

Chris and I are counting down, just a few days until we are spending a long weekend in MEXICO!

Teachers aren't really allowed to take vacation during the school year... because our vacation is June and July.  But we made a decision last March to buck the system and join my parents for a long weekend in Mexico.

The AMOUNT OF WORK it takes to take a long weekend out of the country is crippling me.  Many, many, many long weeks... and the promise of many longs weeks when I return, plus a bonus of 12+ hours of work this weekend trying to prepare.

I keep telling myself this will ALL BE WORTH IT!

This WILL all be worth it!

The warm and my parents alone, would make this worth it... but add to that the beautiful setting, the pool, the beach, the chance to earn some money from timeshare presentations, a chance to flee the country at a time in the work year when fleeing the country sounds AMAZING (except, in my head, I don't necessarily come back, lol).

If I look at these pictures too long, I may not come back...

 All this work, WILL BE WORTH IT!

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