Friday, October 26, 2012


Lately... I've been craving Margarita pizza from Naples, like Chris and I ate on our honeymoon, and like I ate Fall 2004 when I studied abroad...
So, I've been trying to re-create a Neapolitan Margarita pizza... my efforts have no business in the same category as any Amazing Italian Pizza.

Naples Pizza (left), Miller Pizza (right)  Not really the same.

Lately... our mountains and roads are looking BEAUTIFUL!

Are your skis ready?

Less snow in other parts of the valley... but winter's coming!

Lately... Lloyd obeys, but pushes the limits.  In this picture, I'm in the bathtub and Lloyd kept poking his nose into the tub.  I told him to lay down... and he did... but he always kept his head and nose up and curious for the rest of the my time in the tub.

Don't you want me in the tub with you?

Happy Friday!

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