Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday, Daddy!

Happy 80th Birthday to my Wonderful Father!

Make A Wish!!
I LOVE this picture of Dad with his grandsons last June!

We gathered as a family last June to have the family 80th celebration, and the only way we could sell my dad on the idea was to tell him it was a family reunion.

My dad doesn't like birthdays, and I understand; however, I am reminded of the quote, "Do no dislike growing old, it is a privilege withheld to many."

My mom, brother and I told my dad that WE wanted to celebrate the fact he has had 80 blessed and beautiful years on earth.  That is a BIG DEAL!  Not everyone gets 80 years on earth and we're REALLY glad that my Daddy has!

In preparing this post, I realized I do not have many digital pictures of my dad's life prior to my being born.  I just haven't found digital pictures from 1932... lol.  When Hubby and I were preparing our wedding slideshow, a lot of pictures from 1984-present were scanned, but my parents' lives before then haven't been scanned.  It gives me a goal for his 81st birthday.  :-D

That being said, here are some pictures of Dad's amazing life:

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Here's to another 80!

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