Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who's Watching Whom?

These weekends, I am often on my own for a good percentage of the time.  My husband hunts, and I watch football, work, and take care of the animals.

The thing is, the more weekends I spend with my two animals, the more I cannot say that I take care of the animals.  The animals are looking after me as much, if not more, than I am looking after them.

Lexie spends the majority of the day in my lap or in my arms... that is, the majority she tries to spend in my arms or in my lap.  She watches me all day, and waits for a moment when she thinks Lloyd will not bother her, and she comes to cuddle... then Lloyd usually hears her collar so he comes over to see what's going on, and Lexie runs away to look for another opportunity to climb in my arms.

Lexie also sleeps with me every night that Chris is gone.  Lloyd always sleep with both of us, but ever since we got Lloyd, Lexie only rarely will sleep in bed with me.  I always thought that Lloyd was the reason Lexie rarely comes to bed... but every night Chris is gone, Lexie curls up right next to me... on my hip, next to my stomach, under the covers right next to me and sleeps the entire night next to me.  Maybe Chris, not Lloyd, is the reason she stopped sleeping with me every night?

Lloyd is his usual wonderful guard-dog self... but I think he is even more protective when I am hear alone.  Friday night, Lloyd heard or smelled SOMETHING that he did not like and from 10:30pm-12:30am, he was barking, growling, pacing, between me and the back door.  This is NOT Lloyd's typical behavior.  He barks when he hears something (like a car coming in the driveway) and then he calms down.  He has NEVER behaved so agitated and vocal for such a long period of time.

I eventually became so concerned about his behavior that I called the police.

I felt like I had a crying baby on my hands.  I REALLY wanted to go to sleep, but the baby just wouldn't calm down.  The thing is, when a baby is crying and crying, you are not in fear for your safety.  When my dog was growling and growling and wouldn't calm down, I was in fear for my safety.

Praise the Lord, nothing came of Lloyd's Friday night agitation.

When my hubby is away, sure, I feed and love the animals... but really, they take care of me.

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