Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Best Husband

 My husband is so perfectly my best friend.  But he is so much more than my best friend, because calling him a friend doesn't account for all the chemistry, problem-solving, patience, love, and marriage between us.  He is more than my best friend.  He is my best husband.

Lately, I've been overwhelmed by how much I love the little moments of life with him, because my best husband is also my best friend.  I get to live every day with my best friend, and even little tasks become fun and funny.

The other day, I was trying to remove a little window fan from our bedroom window (where it has been for over a month, since it was cool enough not to need a window air conditioning unit).  I needed to open the window a little wider to remove the fan, and then close the window completely.   My hubby offered to help me, but I said Thanks, but that I could do it.

I tried and tried and TRIED and Tried... and I could not budge the window.  Hubby and I started giggling, and I finally relented that I would appreciate his help.  But he tried and tried and TRIED and Tried... and the window still wouldn't budge.

We were really laughing now and trying to figure out what was going on.  I finally piped up, "You don't think the painters did something to our window, do you?"  Yup!  Sure enough!  Our window was painted half-open.

It took teamwork, knives, arm-strength, and some time, but we eventually were able to open, and then close our bedroom window.

Friday morning, my 4:00am alarm went off, and neither Hubby or I wanted to get out of bed.  I had to get up and off to work... and we had had a snowstorm, so I needed to allow extra time for the roads.  And Hubby wanted to get up with me at 4:00am (a rare occurrence... who can blame him?) because he was headed out hunting.  He district went to 4-day school weeks for financial reasons, and so some of his Fridays are free.  :-D

We both groaned, and pet our animals, Lloyd on Hubby and Lexie on me, and tried to ignore that we had to get out of bed.  My wonderful hubby decided we needed some music, and started playing songs from his iPhone.  Before I knew it, we were both dancing around with the animals and our Friday was off to a wonderful start.

Things like this... a stuck window laughing marathon and a 4am animal dance party don't just happen.  It takes living with a man who is my best friend, my companion, my teammate, my team captain, my ally, my heart-throb, my lover, my man.
It takes living with my best husband.

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