Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Images

What a wonderful weekend.

Lexie has loved cuddling lately.

The only problem is when she decides cuddling is more important than my work...

Friday afternoon Rhino Ride!  A Rhino is like a golf cart for hunting.
It's not a golf cart, it's a side-by-side 4-wheeler. 
More correctly termed- UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle)
You and your dad call it a "Bike" so I think a golf cart is much more descriptive than a bike...


Ready for the Michigan v. Michigan State game.  GO BLUE!

YAY!  Michigan WINS!  Lloyd Carr and I celebrated!

Look how close Lexie and Lloyd are laying!

Lexie is on my chest, and Lloyd is in between Hubby and I.

At times, her tail was touching her rear and they were both exhausted and happy.
Doesn't her tail always touch her rear?
I meant his nose was touching her rear.

 Have a wonderful week.

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