Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Saving Money

This is a period of time when Hubby and I are saving money.  We are cutting out things that are unnecessary, planning inexpensive meals, and working together to save.

Some days, I take great pride in what we're doing and how we're working together... and some days, I really want to order Chinese food, or a large pizza.  :-D

This means,  I need to focus my attitude on the beauty on what my hubby and I are doing right now.  We are working together, loving each other, saving money and making sacrifices together.  This is a beautiful time in our life.  And we're eating healthier as a result!

As much as I am treasuring this time in our life, if anyone wanted to give us a gift card for our local Chinese place, I would happily accept.  :-D

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