Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Lloyd-aversary!

Today marks our 1st Anniversary of adopting our pup, Lloyd Carr!

We LOVE this puppy, and I cannot believe its only been 1 year that he's been a part of our family.  We adopted about a week before we ever met him and he spent a week with Chris' parents in St. Louis and then Dad Miller brought him to Colorado when he came out for the hunting weekend.  We met Lloyd on October 14, 2012, and our lives have never been the same!

Happy Lloyd-aversary!

He was SO tiny a year ago... if it weren't for this pictures, I would never believe he was ever this little...

Little Puppy Lloyd

Things I love about Lloyd:
  • He only barks when he hears something (knock, crash, car coming in the driveway)
  • He ALWAYS barks when he hears something (He's an amazing guard dog)
  • He seems to go from sound asleep to 100% energy when Chris or I get up or when he hears something suspicious
  • He loves to play fetch
  • He plays well with other dogs
  • He and Lexie seem to have games they play with each other -- its not all dislike between them, I think they have fun
  • He is SO eager to please
  • He knows how to "Wipe His Feet" when he comes in on muddy days
  • He doesn't run away when he has the chance
  • He's a scaredy-dog... loud noises and sudden movements scare him
  • He keeps my legs warm by laying on them
  • He moves off of my legs when I tickle his flank... that's our cue :-D
  • He loves unconditionally
Thank you, Lord, for bringing this perfect addition to our family.

Family Pictures

The Faces of Lloydey

Brother and Sister, Lexie and Lloyd

Lloyd's Loves

 We just adore this pup.
Happy Anniversary, Lloydey!

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