Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Treasuring the Present: OCTOBER SPORTS!

I LOVE October for many reasons...
a HUGE reason is SPORTS!

My Daddy always said that October was the most exciting month for a sports fan... in hindsight, I think he means that October is the most exciting month for our kind of sports fan.  We LOVE college football and we enjoy baseball.

College football is in the HEART of its season -- every game matters, every play is huge, and Baseball is in the PLAYOFFS!

This year, Hubby and I are in heaven because the CARDINALS are in National League Championship and the TIGERS are in the American League Championship.  We have baseball on every night and we LOVE IT!

We're not zombies glued to our television or anything... but its on, and we enjoy it SO much!  Plus, we live in the mountains, so even the 8:00pm games don't go THAT late for us (yes, 11:00pm is pretty late for us, but it's not the 1:00am the East Coast is suffering).

Okay... on Saturdays, when Michigan is playing, I am sort of a zombie... well, not a zombie, a die-hard, cheer-leading, fight-song-singing, play-calling, coach-yelling fan.  I LOVE college football season, and I REALLY love October!

There's only One October and we LOVE IT!

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