Monday, October 8, 2012

First Kill In Our Whole History!

We have had our first kill!!!

First kill of our marriage, and our first kill since Chris and I first met!  Our first kill in our entire history!

I married a hunter... but so far, I had not married a gatherer.
Chris has been a great hunter, but never actually killed an animal and brought one home to put in our freezer and add to our dinner table.

Yesterday, that all changed!!  :-D

My hubby wasn't even out hunting, he was out scouting... so when he came home, and said he had stopped by the store to buy groceries, and picked up some meat, I wasn't too happy.

We've been trying to cut down on our meat costs because... have you been to the store recently?  Grocery costs are soaring, especially meat prices.

So I wasn't thrilled to hear he had picked up meat at the store.  I went outside and he pointed to the cooler and said, "Would you take the meat inside?"

I opened the cooler to find:

He shot two grouses while he was out scouting for elk.  October and November are open season for grouse, so he can shoot them any time he sees them while he's hunting other animals.

I'm so PROUD of my Hubby!

 Everyone in the family is very excited:
Lexie couldn't get enough of this bird wing.

Lloyd was pretty timid.  It took a lot of coaxing to get him to explore it.

While we were coaxing Lloyd, Lexie wanted another turn with the wing.

Lloyd was more interested in Lexie than the wing.  :-D

Thank You, Lord, for providing for us!

We're hoping and praying this hunting (and gathering) skill continues next weekend when Chris will be elk hunting with his dad, brother and friend.

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