Thursday, October 4, 2012

Approval, Comfort, Control, Power

At the Women of Faith conference, Momma and I heard some amazing speakers.

Jennie Allen, author of Anything, quoted someone about the things that Christians run after, in place of God fall into four categories:

Approval, Comfort, Control, Power

Those categories made me try to figure out to which of those four categories I am a slave.

I like approval, but I'm not a slave to approval.
I like control... but in some areas, I don't feel like I have ever had control.  I accept that I can control very little.
I'm not sure if I like power.  I would like to see a definition before I could say if this is something I desire.

I think I'm slave to comfort.

Again, I would like a definition of all of the four categories because that is how I am.  I want to fully understand the options before I accept one over another.

Even back to when I was a kid, there wasn't a lot that I could control.  But, I could go to the freezer and eat ice cream any minute I was alone in the house.

When life reminds me that I am not in control, when I receive bad news, an unexpected challenge, a harsh email... I still head for the freezer, or the fridge, or the liquor cabinet, or the candy isle at the grocery store.

Maybe its an effort to regain control, but I think its more an effort to achieve comfort.

Which of the four categories do you seek?

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