Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Productivity and Hubby Taking Charge

Today, I am focusing on treasuring the days when my hubby and I are both really productive and when he takes charge of some of our household chores.

I've got to be honest, ten months into marriage and eight months into living together in our own place has left Chris and me still figuring out our daily routine of married life.  Add to that, we are still living in our little honeymooning love bubble, so the routine we do have tends to be enjoyable, fun, and mildly lazy.

All that being said, with Spring in the air and general adult responsibility knocking on our door, we do have the occasional day of adult-like productivity.  Yesterday was one, and it was wonderful.

I was up with the chickens at 5:30am to get a 3 mile run in before work... that DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN!  It must have been the supermoon because I cannot remember the last time I woke up before work to run.  Once in a awhile, I'll wake up early to do an indoor exercise tape, but to actually run outside the house with our puppy?  That is something an adult would do... and something I did yesterday morning!

After the run, shower, making Chris and my lunches and breakfasts, I was out the door for work just as my hubby was getting up, but we had a quick pow-wow to talk about our puppy's foot.  Over the weekend we noticed that he was limping, and after examining his foot, we took him to the vet and discovered he probably had an apses from the cactus batch he fell into a few weeks ago.  We've been draining the wound as needed and treating it with antibiotics.  Chris and I chatted about Lloyd's foot and that he did great on the run.  I didn't have time to help drain his foot, but Hubby said he could handle it before he headed out.

I had to stay late at work, so my hubby came home to feed Lloyd and let him out.  Since it was a beautiful, day, Chris decided it was a great time to pull out an old wet suit and his kayak and take Lloyd to the local reservoir for a swim/paddle while I was driving my 100 miles home.

According to Chris, they had a ball.  Lloyd loved swimming after the kayak and Chris figured out how to keep Lloyd from tipping him over.  I'll have to go next time and get pictures.

While my hubby and puppy were off playing, I came home and did a hard-core exercise tape.

By 8:00pm, both Lloyd and I were wiped out and ready to curl up under the covers.  That's when my wonderful husband began cooking all sorts of delicious foods in our kitchen.  What a wonderful man.  I was ready to settle for a pre-made pizza -- anything that meant I could collapse and not move again until the next morning, but my hubby was feeling the culinary groove, and he tore up our kitchen!

And you know what, I didn't feel nearly as guilty relaxing while my hubby was a wonderful chef -- because I had been up two hours before he was to run with the dog.  :-D

What a wonderful day!

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