Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes & Always

I've recently found a new blog, Mackey Madness, that hosts a weekly topic -- Sometimes & Always.

I thought it would be fun to participate this week:

Sometimes: I wake up and Lexie (kitty) has taken over my pillow and is lying half on my face
Always: I love these moments and take a minute to pet her and listen to her purr before I fall back to sleep.

Sometimes: Lloyd (puppy) makes my legs cramp and my feet fall asleep by laying across my legs
Always: I love feeling his heart beat through his chest on my legs

Sometimes: Lexie and Lloyd get within 1 foot of each other without one threatening the other
Always: I praise God for these brief moments and hold out hope that one day they will play and cuddle together

Sometimes: (Especially during his week of grad school finals) My hubby stays late into the night at school because he works better there without distractions
Always: I realize on these nights how accustomed I've become to living with my hubby, how much I love him, and how I don't need time alone  :-D

Sometimes: I look at the (many) pregnant women or women with newborns around me with great excitement and anticipation
Always: I come home to my attention-loving sweet puppy and kitty and realize that I have enough dependents for the time being

Sometimes: May can feel like a long month
Always: May is one of my favorite months!

Sometimes: I sing at the top of my lungs in my car
Always: I feel better when I do

This was fun... maybe I'll keep this in mind every week.

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