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Dream Wedding: Reception Preview

After our wonderful pictures at the beach, Chris and I and our bridal party piled into the limousine to arrive at our reception.

Our parents and guests -- everyone except our bridesmaids and groomsmen had been at the reception enjoying appetizers and cocktails for 45 or so minutes before we arrived.

I was in love with our reception -- so many details that came together so that it really felt like a really perfect combination of a celebration of Chris and my relationship and commitment to each other and a beautiful, fairy-tale reception I had always imagined.

In this post, I will show some general pictures of the reception, and in future posts I'll share details about some of Chris and my unique touches to the event.

These beautiful little Bride and Groom flower pots were positioned outside the double-door entrance to our reception.  Interesting, these were the most last-minute addition our wedding could have.  My neighbor hosted a bridal shower the day before the wedding for all my long-distance friends and bridesmaids in from out of town, and she borrowed these planters for the shower and offered them for the wedding if we wanted to use them.  Literally, as I was in the car ready to drive out the driveway to the salon on the wedding day, my maid-of-honor, and I SPRINTED next door to the neighbors, grabbed the planters, and yelled inside that we were borrowing them and thanks.  :-D  The planters rode, seat-belted into the middle seats of my minivan.  It was pretty funny.

 Here we have arrived at our wonderful reception.

I really like this shot the photographer got in a weird mirror of our coming up the stairs

Let the party begin!

But actually, our parents and the guests had done a great job of getting it started already :-D

I was, am still, so in love with the colors we used for the table linens (and our bridal party, but I feel like its less noticeable on the humans because of the tuxedos).  Grey table clothes, black chair covers, black napkins, purple chair sashes, and silver plate-holders.

For me, these colors just radiated elegance, which is exactly what I wanted for my wedding reception.
Classic.  Classy.  Elegant.  Beautiful.

The centerpieces for the table were mirrors, low candles and low floral bouquets (because one of my pet-peeves is when I cannot see someone through a beautiful centerpiece).  In addition to the flowers in the center, we labeled each table with names of Major League Baseball Parks.  :-D

There were 18 tables and 18 baseball parks... there are 30 Major League Baseball parks to choose from, so we used the ones we had visited and the ones we liked best.  Our parents both were seated at "Miller Park"

Of course, the head table was "Busch Stadium", home of the St. Louis Cardinals  :-D

At the head table, the bridesmaids and my bouquets were placed in vases to add color and flowers to our table.

These hors' d'oeuvres, were AMAZING!

 Our beautiful cake!

With our lovely wedding topper

The topper now sits in our family room

I love this picture -- Have I mentioned that Chris' ring is white gold and black diamonds?  At first I was a little weirded out at the idea of black diamonds -- is that the black, foreboding outlook for our marriage?  Then I remember that Chris proposed to me on a black diamond ski run... immediately the black diamond ring seemed perfect!

Above the fireplace in the cocktail area, Chris and I decorated the mantle with family photos of our parents and grandparents wedding, and above them a sign that said, "And they lived happily ever after."  I will definitely have a post devoted to this later.  It was one of my favorite personal touches we added to the reception.

We had a photobooth at the reception where guests were encouraged to take a picture in the photobooth, then two copies of the photo strips printed.  The guest got to keep one strip, and the other photo strip was pasted into an album on the spot and the guest was asked to sign or write a note next to their pictures.  This was a HUGE hit and I will definitely devote a post to this later as well.

Serious photobooth fun!

Precious moments

The Country Club balcony overlooks Muskegon lake and the setting was just gorgeous!  Can you see the boats in the background?

Everyone is ready for introductions, toasts and dinner!

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  1. You looked absolutely amazing!! I love your dress. Those little bride/groom flower pots are too precious!


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