Saturday, May 5, 2012

Acquiring the Fire

Chris and I had a great Friday (with one exception).

We headed to Denver Friday afternoon for ACQUIRE THE FIRE.

Acquire the Fire is a big nation-wide ministry event put on by Teen Mania ministries.  Chris is very familiar with Teen Mania ministries because he attended their Honor Academy for a year after high school.  I am not fully familiar with all that Teen Mania ministries do, but I know they have a huge focus on ministry and missions work (Chris has gone on and led a total of 9 international short-term missions trips with them).

We were able to attend some of the large group worship and hear the speakers, but we also met with a small group of Honor Academy alumni.  It was really cool to meet people who share this unique bond with Chris, much like I have a unique bond with other Washington and Lee Alumni.  We had some great conversations with other young couples and connected with some Honor Academy Alumni groups in our area.

We are going back to some of the conference tomorrow and please, please, PLEASE take a minute today to pray for all the students and youth being reached by this conference.

Last night, they had an alter call near the end of the night... and I have never seen such a FLOOD of people go toward a stage for an alter call.  There were people kneeling in the isles all the way from the stage to the last row of seats on the floor.  I have been privileged to see some big alter calls -- this one was HUGE!

PLEASE pray for all of these students who the Lord knows individually.  He knows where they are coming from, where they are now, where they are going, what their future holds and what He holds for their future.

Thank you, and Praise God!

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