Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

I am not very good at talking about politics... and I don't enjoy it.

In middle school, I started to feel like I was relatively informed about the world and I was starting to form my own opinions and I LOVED talking about politics.  It was a chance to share ideas and feel grown up and discuss this real world in which I was growing up and into a real citizen.

By high school, I realized that no one has a discussion about politics -- people TALK about politics... and by that, I mean, people talk AT each other about politics.  No one listens.  No one changes his or her opinion... people simply talk at each other and love agreeing with each other, or they talk at each other and end up disagreeing, just like they did before the conversation.

That being said, sometimes I have to share a few things about politics... and I have to admit, the reason I am not very good at talking about politics, is because my response is always the same, "Are You Kidding Me?"
That's right... a high school Diploma, one Bachelor's Degree, two Masters Degrees... and all I can come up with is, "Are You Kidding Me?"!

Recently a news video was called to my attention where a University Professor asked his economics classes to write an essay on what they believed the American Dream to be, and what the Government's role should be in helping them achieve their American Dream.  Please watch the news clip: The Gimme Generation 
(The part I wanted to show was the interview with the college prof approx 5 min... but I couldn't find a clip with just the interview)

The results shocked me, and made me not only ashamed of my generation but extremely filled with dread of what might be in store for my country as these disillusioned students become adults, parents, and politicians...

When I heard that these students wanted the government to pay for higher education, and their health care, I immediately was reminded of the political hailstorm that occurred earlier this year regarding health insurance and employers providing free birth control pills.  This is the same type of thinking... free higher education, free health care, free contraceptives... okay, let's honestly talk about these options.

Students, I'm sure you know from your many years in the real world that you never get something for nothing, so let's talk about the costs of these "free" services.

You want free higher education... but are you willing for the government to tell you what you can study and where?  Are you willing for the government to give you a test at the end of high school, or in middle school, or even in upper elementary school to determine your intellectual potential?  If you don't show the intellectual skill on this test, are you willing for the government to pay for your free higher education at the university and in the field IT believes you should pursue

Source: via Abby on Pinterest
You want to be a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a businessman, a scientist, a musician?  Maybe the government will pay for that education... but maybe the government will tell you, you your tests don't indicate potential as a doctor, chef, musician... you are welcome to a government funded education as long as you pursue the course of study in the higher education of the government's choice at the institution of the government's choice.  Forget overcoming the odds, hard work, determination... all the things that this free country used to reward, all the things that used to be involved in the American Dream -- you want the government to serve you a college education on a free platter.  I hope you're willing for the government to tell you which college education you will get.  Why would they pay for you to become a doctor or lawyer if tests indicate you are likely to fail as a doctor or a lawyer?  Free higher education?  I hope you're ready for the government to be an active stakeholder in the path of your education and career choice.

You want free health care... but are you willing for the government to tell you when you can see a doctor, and what doctor you can see?  Okay, you scoff at that scenario -- what about your children?  What about your parents?  What about your spouse?  Not if, but WHEN a big medical trial comes your way, do you want the government to tell you where you can go, or do you want the freedom to seek a second opinion, an expert opinion, the services leading researcher in the field?  I sure do!

Source: via Hanka on Pinterest
You want free birth control... but are you willing for the government to tell you at what age you are allowed to have children or how many children you can have?  You think that is an outrageous argument?  That would never happen in our country?  Well, hopefully that's true, that would never happen in this country -- but you can't get something for nothing.  The government is providing you the medicine to not have a child... that's an investment, as a stakeholder in your reproductive activity, haven't they earned the right to express an opinion about when you do decide to have a child?  Just like a husband and wife discuss their reproductive desires and habits (a very personal conversation, by the way), they each are in invested in this topic... now the government is also literally invested in this situation.  You can't tell me they don't get a vote.

Maybe I've made some outrageous arguments... but that is why I usually stick with,
(say it with me),
"Are You Kidding Me?".
Thank you for reading and I hope you achieve your American Dream.  I also hope that the government stays out of your way so that you, yourself, a capable, motivated citizen can achieve, for yourself, your American Dream.

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