Monday, May 14, 2012

Lloyd's Weekend Highlights

Chris and I had a wonderful (Mothers' Day) weekend.

Here I am with my little animal-kiddos!  They were oblivious to the fact it was Mothers' Day, but they express their unconditional love to me everyday!  :-D  There are some pretty funny bloopers shots of our trying to get this shot with the two animals that I posted at the end of this post.

I started posted these pictures thinking that I was posting general weekend highlights... then when I actually looked at the pictures, I realized the pictures basically cover Lloyd's weekend highlights -- lots of swimming, playing and, unfortunately, some recovery.

We met friends at Rifle Gap Thursday night for dog swimming, men paddling and women photographing and enjoying the atmosphere.

Here is Chris kayaking with Lloyd watching

This beautiful lake is about 15 miles from our house and we love it!

Lloyd (chain collar), and Butters (red collar) have a blast together

Butters' dad fished while Chris kayaked

He even caught some fish

Lloyd, Butters' Mom and Butters watching from the shore

Some resemblance of The Lion King?

Oh, my husband!

A photograph really cannot capture a beautiful sunset

Saturday, we took Lloyd swimming at the small pond near to our house... and we ran into Butters and his family there :-D

Butters doesn't like the water was much as Lloyd does

Our prancing, dancing puppy

Butters' face looks fierce in this picture

Not only did we take Lloyd swimming on Thursday night, and Saturday morning, but we took Lloyd swimming after church on Sunday as well.  He met a lot of fun dogs at the new swimming spot, but it was pretty rocky and when we dried him off, we found a pretty serious cut on one of his front legs.

Chris and I turned our bedroom into an operating room to wash, clean, glue and bandage his wound.  He is SUCH a good dog.  He never cries or whimpers when we have to do unpleasant medical things (which we, unfortunately, have had to do several times recently).  He sits still and completely trusts us to do what we have to do to make him better.

The rest of our Sunday was spent with Lloyd recuperating

I'm a little worried how we're going to burn his energy and rest his foot over the next few days.

How was your Mothers' Day Weekend?

Bloopers shots:

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