Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dream Wedding: Lake Michigan Beach Fun

I've been continuing to post pictures from Chris and my wedding... about a dozen at a time in different categories to help remember memories from that day.

Thank you for bearing with me as I CONTINUE to post about this best, most beautiful day in Chris and my life.

After Chris and I took formal pictures with our family and bridal party in the beautiful church where I grew up and where my parents still attend, our entire bridal party (with one exception) piled into a stretch limousine and headed to the Lake Michigan Beach.

When I was in high school many students would get Sr. pictures taken on the beach at Lake Michigan.  Because EVERYONE from my high school had pictures taken there, I never really thought it was very unique -- UNTIL I attended a summer pre-college institute in Virginia where fellow high school Sr.s gushed over my prom pictures taken at the beach.  They thought it was so special to have a gorgeous lake as the setting for important pictures.  Those conversations made me appreciate the amazing beach setting essentially in my back yard and, to this day, I treasure any opportunity to take pictures there.

The limo ride (and the beach) was SO much fun, and the only time on our wedding day when we were with our entire wedding party and just our wedding party.  It was really special.  Now, you have probably come to know that I have the ability to share WAY too many pictures, so I've put most of the limo pictures into a collage.  You're welcome.  :-D

The whole wedding party, save one bridesmaid, was in the limo

The momma bridesmaid took a different vehicle... and got lost for awhile.  :-D

Lots of limo fun (and Chris and my only sips of alcohol of the day)!
Below are some of the fun pictures taken at the Lake Michigan Beach in Muskegon, Michigan (the lost bridesmaid found us eventually, Praise God!):

First some nice pictures of just Chris and me

I love the lighthouse in the background of this shot

Best man and maid of honor

... and then things started getting silly

Chris and his siblings having fun

My brother and me having fun... yeah, that's the difference between our families  :-D

There's just no competing with these guys

Luckily, the photographer didn't get this shot of me before the wedding... it might have made Chris nervous -- this is me running back to the limo to take off my veil (cathedral length veil in the sand spells disaster!) and switch to my reception head-piece, a sparkly ribbon headband.  I do think this is a cool picture of my dress moving.

Becky and Daniel (they're married)

Nick and Daniel (they're not married)

Chris and the men -- Lookin' good guys!

Some group shots now that the missing bridesmaid found us and my headpiece is switched

I love the colors against the beach, water and sky

Some neat effects

Very romantic

Beautiful shot

And again, things took a turn to silly

So much fun

This is probably a better picture of my brother and me having fun

Such beauties with a handsome man

Still having fun

I felt so light!

And some crazy group shots

"Strike a pose"


We're Married!

I am so glad we had pictures taken at the beach.  Not only did we capture this amazing day in a beautiful and unique setting, but it was a chance to get away, really fast between the ceremony and reception to have a half an hour with just our bridal party.  These are the friends close enough to us that we asked them to bear witness to and keep us accountable to our vows to each other.  That special relationship warrants a few minutes of fun.

We will treasure these memories forever!

And, yes, there was sand in the feet of my nylons for the rest of the night... I never noticed -- totally worth it!

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  1. The lake beach was a great place to capture those moments after your wedding. And who would have thought that partying inside the limo could be that fun? Thank you for sharing that wonderful day with us!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indianapolis


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